Borned in Aomori city, where the company name "Auks" was derived from

Professional History:

Representative Partner, Auks Health Informatics Lab, LLC
July 2017 - Present

Manager, Information Technology / Security at HeartFlow Japan G.K. 
April 2015

  • Ensuring overall security in business continuity by reviewing/investigating product design/construction plans, threat protection by managing information assets and building safety management processes, to meet the requirement of patients, customers and the governments

  • Maintaining internal IT infrastructure to harmonize with customers' information environments to smoothly, continuously provide the company's products

  • Managing on-boarding processes in terms of order integration, production and required materials preparation

Senior Solution Consultant, Healthcare and Public Sector at HP Enterprise Services
January 2012

  • Presales and deliver IT consultation service for medical checkup facilities and medical, long-term care cooperation

  • Build midterm IT infrastructure expansion plans for the integration of hospital and clinic groups

  • Establish process mining and market research analytics scheme for the improvement of patient care plans

Quality Manager, Motorola Japan Limited
December 2008

  • Plan and maintain annual quality measurement methodologies and achievable goals for telecom operators

  • Conduct ISO9001 and TL9000 internal audits and support internal teams to keep conformity with those certification

Group Manager, Supply Chain Management at Siemens-Asahi Medical Technologues Ltd. (Siemens Healthcare)
January 2001

  • Plan and manage the delivery project of own and/or domestic products, mainly radiology departmental systems such as PACS, RIS and Dianosis Reporting in cooperation with EMR and Netowrk Solution vendors
  • Establish processes to manufacture, test and deliver medical devices keeping conformity to ISO13485, and manage procurement process to improve product quality

System Architect at Fuji Research Institute Corporation, Ltd.
April 1990

  • Integrate and restructure the internal networks to make them commercial as VAN/ASP/ISP
  • Lead the technical team in customers' BPR and company-wide  information systems development projects

Licenses, Certifications

  • Internal auditor for ISO9001/ISO13485/TL9000 and ISO27001(ISMS)

  • Chief Telecommunication Engineer by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  • Collaborative Information Coordinator for Regional Medical and Welfare Sharing

Majors and others

  • Graph Algorithm, Communication Engineering (BE 1990 The University of Electro-Communications)
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