Thank you for visiting our web site. We established this company, very very small consulting firm in July 2017 to provide wide range of health informatics services leveraging plenty of experience in Product/Project Management, Quality management and in recent, Information Security Management and Privacy Protection.

Privacy protection regulation and information security requirements are indeed getting stricter year by year for all of us to develop new functionalities not just with software but also with health/medical devices and medicines, but this would be also a great chance to develop revolutionary product combining new cloud-based technologies and rapidly collect market needs to differentiate your business and products !

We serve;

  1. Consulting/Agency or Representative works for ambitious Japan market-in healthcare business groups/persons  
  2. Information security assessment, audit/documentation support and IT life cycle support for health and welfare facilities and medical device/pharmaceutical entities who work in Japan
  3. Project/product management in PHR design/development with cross-facility/standard connection, anonymization/pseudonymization policy building, data use purpose agreement and meaningful use application planning.

Especially enforcement of your business in the scope of "3" above would be very important to expand IT utilization and pioneering new market requirement. We are eager to work with you in this exciting opportunity.


Our Approach

  • Visualized Process Building

    Using visualization tools appropriately, leveraging specialties in Graph and Tree Analytics

  • Aligning Together on Project Management Tools

    Sharing Project Responsibility & Progress utilizing customized JIRA Management Tool

  • Team Approach

    Flexibly organizing multi-functional team with expert in each field for foreign medical device developers


We are eagerly looking forward to working with you. Please make your question freely for your interests from Quick Contact Page.

Thank you,


Haruki Ito
Representative, Chief Analytics Officer